Sep 28 2015 - Upcoming changes

As you might have picked up from recent activity on Twitter [1][2], there are things going on with Glenn's Gases and the Gases Framework that have slowly been in the making for a while, not all the while. We should be releasing something soon enough. While most changes are internal and related to the Gases Framework API, there are still some features that you probably want to know about.

  • Clustered chain gas explosions. That's right! Gas explosions aren't just one big boom now, but a series of booms.
  • Gas Dynamos, a way to finally convert combustible gas into Redstone Flux.
  • The Wooden Age (to-be title of the upcoming update). The introduction of wooden versions of most gas machinery blocks including the new Gas Dynamo.
  • Buffed iron piping tools.
  • Duct Tape. This is very important.
  • Expanded block rotation. Many blocks can now be rotated a total of 16 ways.
  • A clearer distinction between Glenn's Gases and the Gases Framework.
  • Buffed torch lantern range.

Most of the work has been put into turning the Gases Framework into the API I envisioned, which unfortunately isn't very visible to the end user. Great improvements have been made to the codebase. We're almost ready to start doing some writing on how get started with the API. If you're into modding like us and want to try the Gases Framework API, let us know! We could use some user feedback on the API.

We are also considering to move our build distribution to CurseForge.

A final note: We're working on some ideas for a side project linked with Glenn's Gases that may or may not happen. If we ever realize it, it will be an out-of-this-world experience. Don't tell anyone...