Feb 27 2015 - So, what's happening?

The mod has been on hiatus for a while now. What's happening?

I haven't shown much interest in minecraft modding nor maintaining the mod in this period, but it's about to change at least for a little while now. My friend, Trentv4, is interested in continuing the work on Glenn's Gases under my supervision. He's been indirectly involved in the creation of the mod from the start, and has now stepped up to become a developer. Having a second pair of eyes to monitor the changes really helps.

What is going to happen?

Both Trent and I will be working on bringing a new update which will make the mod a bit more user-friendly. Don't worry, we're not decreasing the gameplay difficulty, we're decreasing the difficulty of things that are hard to learn, such as piping. The update will, of course, also add a few other things. We will also work towards a Minecraft 1.8 version.

In addition, with the coming update the mod will adapt a new license which will allow Glenn's Gases to be included in any modpack. You can read about the state of the current license and why it's about to change here. You may also contribute with feedback in this Reddit thread.

You can follow our progress on our BitBucket repository. If you know any issues or have any improvement suggestions, you can contribute by posting an issue on the repository. Even better, fix it yourself and make a pull request!