Dec 13 2013 - UPDATE 1.4.2

Glenn's Gases 1.4.2 is here! This is a release with a large amount of minor tweaks, with a few additions. The Mechanical Update is no longer in a public beta state.

  • Glenn's Gases has been separated into the Gases Framework and Glenn's Gases itself. The Gases Framework alone barely affects the game at all, but it contains the utilities used by Glenn's Gases, which can be used by other mods. Being separate, other mods with gases can work without the features of Glenn's Gases. Tutorials for using the API are coming.
  • Glenn's Gases is now the parent of Glenn's Gases Core.
  • No more "flaky" gases in the nether. "Floating" gas rendering has been updated to look better.
  • Gas now flows more intelligently. Should reduce lag in the Nether by a bit.
  • Gas explosions explode more according to the size of the exploded volume.
  • Slightly increased the amount of generated gas.
  • Gas fires are now much scarier.
  • Mining coal now creates highly explosive coal dust.
  • Water can now flow into and break gas.
  • Added Gas Detector.
  • Added Gas Sensitive Chip. Currently only used in recipe for Gas Detector.
  • Void gas no longer appears above 64 blocks height. Can be changed in the configuration.
  • Configuration changes: Generation of different gases can be altered by amount instead of a boolean value. It is now possible to make any block ignite gas in the configuration by putting the block's ID in a list in the configuration (other/additionalIgnitionBlocks).
  • Fixed large issue with piping which would cause unnecessary exploding pumps.
  • Fixed an issue where redstone was unable to disable/enable pumps.
  • Many mechanical blocks no longer break almost instantly.
  • Some gases are no longer usable in pipes. The gases that were removed from piping served no function in being pumped around.
  • Removed acidic vapour from the creative menu because it served no purpose.